Hida Shirakawa-go

Shirakawa-go Sightseeing

World Heritage Site, Historic Village

Live Camera

A live camera showing scenes in Shirakawa-go “right now”. Enjoy views of the current situation and the changing seasons.

Seasonal Sights

The rich nature of Shirakawa-go can be enjoyed across the four seasons. Allow us to introduce some recommended sightseeing spots for each season.

Ogi-machi Castle Ruin Observation Area

The observation area at Shiroyama castle keep is one of the best places to overlook the gassho style houses gathered below in the settlement of Ogi-machi.

Shirayumi Ski Resort

Shirayumi Ski Resort is known for its views of Mt. Hakusan from the slopes, and the famous waters of Hirase Hot Springs awaiting below.

Gasshozukuri Minkaen Outdoor Museum

The open-air museum preserves and exhibits a total of 26 buildings including 9 listed buildings that are designated as important cultural assets of Gifu Prefecture.