Traffic congestion during Obon

Last Updated:July 4, 2018

In, Japan, an occasion to honor the ancestors called “Obon” takes place typically in the middle of August. Because many companies align their summer holidays with Obon, many tourist attractions tend to be crowded with travelers during the period from around August 13 to 16. Shirakawa-go (Shirakawa Village) is no exception.

Because of the capacity set for short-term parking in Shirakawa-go Gassho Style Village, it becomes very difficult to accommodate any more than that amount.

For this reason, we ask for your understanding and cooperation in that you thoroughly check traffic information and plan to give yourself enough time when visiting Shirakawa-go.

Onsite parking for approximately 900 cars and 40 buses is available. To search for the address, 2495-3 Ogimachi, Shirakawamura, Gifu or Tel:05769-6-3111 to set your GPS to direct you to the public car park in Shirakawa-go. Please refer to the map link below.
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We strongly recommend you check the traffic updates and leave plenty of time to travel to and from Shirakawa-go.

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